Zach Quinto and Chris Pine Agree: Fuck George Clooney!

(For the record ZQ thinks that George Clooney is a Very Nice Man)

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Selected Shorts: Delicious Fictions
Bill fangs
oshunanat wrote in ontd_st_la
Leonard Nimoy & Robert Sea Leonard lead a lineup of terrific actors to share luscious tales of food, passions, politics, mystery and deep-sea adventure. Classic and new, these stories are set in diverse locales around a Cuban family dinner table, at a tavern in Madric, on a submarine off of the West African coast and beyond.

Tickets $20, $15 student/senior, available beginning January 20th at 90 am

Saturday March 26th 3:00, 7:00
Sunday March 27th 3:00

I'm going on Saturday night with my mom (who pointed this out to me) thought others might be interested :D

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Do you have a link or the rest of the info? (Like what this is, or where). Thanks! :)

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