Zach Quinto and Chris Pine Agree: Fuck George Clooney!

(For the record ZQ thinks that George Clooney is a Very Nice Man)

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ZQ in Ojai
Bill fangs
oshunanat wrote in ontd_st_la
Literal last minute here, but the description:

New Addition! OPC All Star Cabaret
Friday August 12 – 9:00 p.m. – Zalk Theatre
OPC expands the definition of cabaret with this very special, one-time-only blend of short performance pieces by Summer Festival veterans and guest artists. Currently slated to perform: Trieu Tran in a new piece about his return to Vietnam, Anabelle Gurwitch, a regular on the Bill Maher show, Steve Connell, Zach Quinto, Evan Rachel Wood !! The evening promises to be a sexy, provocative, and funny theatrical excursion with words and music from artists demonstrating the power and passion of free creative expression. Check back for updates on added performers!

It's only $25!

I'm going to go. If anyone decides to go I'd love to meet up. :)

Oh and because it'd help - SOURCE.

All tickets are will call, all seating general admission.


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