Zach Quinto and Chris Pine Agree: Fuck George Clooney!

(For the record ZQ thinks that George Clooney is a Very Nice Man)

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Long shot!
jenforthewin wrote in ontd_st_la
I've noticed this comm hasn't been active in months but ontd_startrek's masterlist for premier meet ups linked me here. My name is Jennifer, I'm from Oklahoma but I'm going to LA for the premier and I was wondering if anyone else was going to be present and maybe wanted to meet up? I actually have no idea how the whole red carpet things works (do you need tickets to stand out with a bunch of screaming fans or do you just have to get there in time to get close enough to see Chris Pine's eyes?) but I don't even care because I just want to go and see the movie and possibly see the actors and ugh.

So, if you'd like to meet up that'd be epic. It'd be me and one other girl who is also a huge Trekker. :D

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Hi, here is the link to win tickets to the LA premiere. I'm sure it's a long shot, but hey someone's gotta win right? ;)

If you get a group of LA peeps together before or after the premiere let me know. I can't do the standing around of the premiere itself, but I always like to meet other trekkies! :)

I will definitely let you know if we have a group meet up before or after. :D

ooh, i'd be up for a meetup afterwards too, even if i can't make it to the red carpet itself.

I really would love a meet up! :D I think we should organise one

What dates are the out-of-towners going to be in LA? Or are we thinking a late meet-up on the day of the actual premiere?

We're getting in at 1 p.m on the 13th! :D Leaving on the 16th.

Perhaps a get-together late afternoon or evening on the 13th? I'm sure the 14th is out. ;) The 15th is the sneak preview. So really that leaves the 13th (or the 16th depending on what time you leave.)

What do you think?

I will probably make another post here in a couple days asking for volunteers for a hangout! :D Details can be discussed there! I'm excited.

I'm going to L.A. to go to the premier too and I would love to meet you since I don't know anybody there.
Also have no idea about the red carpet thing but I'll be there at least to say that i tried.

Apparently you do not need a carpet to flail about around the red carpet! Much googling and some Yahoo! Answers last night helped up figure it out. We're going to be there may 13th-16th so you are MORE than welcome to chill with us on the red carpet!! *flails!*

hey, i live in LA and if by some miracle I can get off work, I'm going. but it's doubtful. i will definitely post here if i can though! i would love to meet more trekkies. i'm also definitely going to the 15th fan-showing at 8 in century city (the day after the LA premiere). anyone else going to that?

D: We tried to get tickets for the 8 o'clock showing but the only seats left were RIGHT UP ON THE SCREEN and I get motion sick anyway, so we had to do the 11 o'clock showing.

For sure let us know if you're off the night of the premier! So much red carpet flailing!

whoah i didn't even catch that it was assigned seating, i think i got the second row. :/ i couldn't find a seating chart on their site which was annoying.

so i decided to be gung-ho about going to the premiere. i'm gonna ask for a half day at work and by god they're going to fucking deal with it. this was the thing i was most looking forward to when we moved out here last fall and i am not going to just give up because i have a grown up job.

SO i'm working out a deal with my roommate to save a spot for me starting that morning, and i'll just come take his place as soon as i can get off work. I WILL SEE MY ST BBs IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO.

OMG OMG OMG I HOPE YOU GET TO GO! We're like, how early do we get there? Like, the day before? xD I don't care if we get off the plane and have to go sit in line WE WILL. I need a hug from Chris Pine. I really hope Karl Urban will be there. He's my baybay and I will be sad if he's not there!!

yeah the assigned seating is new. I'm from Oklahoma and we are just like WHATEVER, SIT WHERE YOU WANT. xD Maybe we can hang out during line sitting!

man if i could, i would probably get there at 8am, just to survey the area. maybe get some coffee or food and then once people started congregating, stake out my spot. i've never been to a premiere before, but my boyfriend went to the HP 7 premiere in london, and they got there at 11am and were in a somewhat shitty spot. and since STID is a big blockbuster at like, the major premiere location in downtown hollywood, i would want to play it safe.

honey all the cfine hugs to you i don't think i could actually survive chris pine choosing to touch me in any way shape or form. if he looks for the slightest of moments into my eyes i might just expire on the spot. this is why even though i live in LA (like 15 mins from silver lake) i have only ever been to lamill twice. i don't think i could handle accidentally running into bb fine, lol. so yay for premieres and socially acceptable fangirling! :D

and i would totally be down for hanging out. i'll keep this post updated with my work-situation. :)

Does anyone know the theather where the premier will be showing?

Yup, it's Grauman's Chinese theatre.

Thank you. I really hope to meet you guys there. Maybe we could get together at some coffee shop and then go to the premier?

I GOT THE GO AHEAD TO LEAVE WORK AT 1 ON THE 14TH! and so i'm gonna pay my roommate (he's already agreed, lol) to stand in a spot for me from 10-2, and hopefully i'll get there by 2.

you getting stoked??? i'm not sure how i'm going to sleep tonight. my roommate is getting there super early and i'm planning on getting there around 2. if you want you can email me (salinavntl at gmail) and we can keep each other updated about meeting up. my roommate say'd he'd be up for meeting up with you guys so when i'll get there i won't have to search all over. let me know what your game plan is!

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