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Zach Quinto and Chris Pine Agree: Fuck George Clooney!

(For the record ZQ thinks that George Clooney is a Very Nice Man)

ONTD Star Trek - Los Angeles BAMFS
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ONTD-Star Trek Fans in Los Angeles
Please review posting guidelines below before posting.


Contact me by e-mailing oshunanat (at) livejournal.com, or by sending me a personal message.

Next meet up:

January 16, 2010

Disneyland! Details here bb!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to ontd_st_la, a place to make friends and plan meet-ups for people in the greater Los Angeles Area (and parts north/south as people are willing to drive, of course!)

Please review the following before posting!

I. About the community
I've done three meet-ups before, and I can tell you that it can be difficult planning through private messages, e-mail and journal comments. This community is make it easier to meet up and plan meet-ups from the casual to the full-blown GQMF attended events. Or, if you just want a place to make some friends in the area we're here for that too!

II. What can I post?
1. Introductions. Please include the following info so we can get to know you better:

-LJ Name
-Real Name/Nick Name you go by (optional)
-Favorite GQMF
-Favorite Trek-related things (characters, series, movie, toys, etc.)
-Where you're located.

Don't post personal information, such as cell-phones. We are all BAMFs, but this is still the internet, so be careful with who and how you share that information. If you want to share cell numbers, do so in e-mail or private messages.

In your subject line please add "My Name Is..." so I can follow-along and tag it for easy reference later.

2. Meet-Up Planning. Please include the following information:

-What you want to do. If there is a website for what you want to do, please link it!
-When you want to do it. (Suggestion- if it isn't a one-night only event, offer 2 or 3 days when you could do this, you might get more attending this way)
-Where it's going to take place

3. Meet-Up Reports

-All reports, for both casual get-togthers and events with GQMFs are welcome here
-If you want to post to ontd_startrek please remember their guidelines (i.e. link casual meet-ups in the Monday post, events with GQMFs can go to the main comm)
-If you have photos, please place them behind a cut so you don't break people's layouts.

III. Meet Up Etiquette
-If interested in going, please let the organizer know so s/he knows how many to expect!

-By that same token, if plans change and you can't go, please let the organizer know! This is doubly true for things where numbers matter, like reservations for dinner or if you're going to eat before something and you need to figure out what time to meet up based on how many are going.

-Have enough cash-on hand for the meet-up. This may seem obvious, but a lot of people today (including myself) don't always carry cash. Be sure to have enough cash for parking and eating out if applicable. Remember that the more split checks you need the greater the chance that you won't get them! Cash makes it easier for all to chip in if you can't get enough split-checks.

-Know your limits! Many of us are 21+ and many of us drink. Drinking does occur and that's cool, just don't over-do. It's never been a problem before and there's no reason for it to become a problem now.

-Know your limits! Not all meet-ups are created financially equal. Some are lot more expensive to attend then others. Movie and dinner might set you back $20-$30 or so. Events like Farragaut North and Standing on Ceremony can easily set you back over $100 by the time you throw in parking, food, gas and the ticket. When figuring out if you can afford to go, keep in mind everything that goes with it so you don't spend more than you plan. And it's totally fine to skip pre/post-show meals. We still want to meet you regardless if you can't do everything, and there will always be another meet up :)

IV. GQMF Etiquette
Part of the reason we're all here is because we not only love Star Trek, but we love the actors who portray the characters. The thought of meeting a celebrity is always exciting, doubly so if it's someone you adore. When you get that excited, it's easy to get carried away, so here are a few easy tips to remember:

1. If a GQMF is at a public event that they are a part of, by all means introduce yourself and say hi! S/he is likely expecting to meet with fans and here is your greatest chance to have a quick chat with the celeb and get their picture/autograph. You may need to be a bit assertive to get your turn, but be polite and try not to hog up too much time so your fellow fans can get a chance too!

2. If you meet the GQMF in any other venue--when they're getting coffee, eating out whatever, leave them be. It sucks not to say hi, but irritated celebs are less likely to be friendly to you in the first place, and if it happens enough times, become less likely to hang out for fans when they are at venues when they have the option of doing so.

3. The first two suggestions not withstanding, ultimately you need to take your cue from the celeb. If they're giving out vibes that they don't want to be interrupted, don't. This includes everything from body language to their involvement in deep conversations with friends/family.

4. Try to avoid taking pictures without permission. Chris Pine doesn't mind taking pictures with fans, but hates (as in majorly upsets him) paparazzi and even just casual fans taking random shots without permission because he doesn't know where they're going to end up. Let's respect their wishes, because happy celebs equals more chances for us to have a chance to chat with them.

V. Meet-Up Report Etiquette

1. Use LJ names only. If someone is tagging along and doesn't have an LJ, ask permission before using their real name.

2. If someone asks that their picture not be posted, follow their wishes, even if that means a funny cropping or you not posting that picture.

3. If someone asks that a part of the evening not be posted or posted on a community, respect it.

4. When it comes to GQMF interaction, if you have any doubts about whether it should be posted on this comm or the main ontd comm, do as bdbdb does and ask yourself, "Is this something that his/her publicist would want published?" If you still want to post it, do so in your personal journal. Personally, I'd friends-lock it if you don't already keep your journal on lock-down, but that's just me.

Whew! Quite a lot, and hopefully most of it is common sense. Again, welcome and hope we all have many fun meet-ups in the future!

Oh so you want to know what's going on with our title and subtitle do you? Well, if you wanna know, you gotta go ;)